Author: Chuck Boylan

These manual rotisseries are ideal if you plan not to use a motor, for if you are roasting manually for show, or for other reasons.  Buy this if you don’t plan to use a motor or wish to use a motor at a later time.

It’s a bit more expensive than the standard rotisserie due to the number of steps to fabricate, as well as the materials involved to make it functional.  Note that the crank handle is a turning handle and the main shaft handle is fixed for easy grip.

With your protected hand, pull the pin and open the drum.  I like to set the lid at a 45 degree angle and  use it as a bit of a funnel to pour the coffee into the drum.

After you have all the coffee in, close the lid and latch.  

Grab the rod by the coupler with your protected hand and grab the handle with the other hand and insert into the coupler and drop the handle side onto the bearing and close the lid on the grill and turn on the switch.


I know you may not remember me, you are a busy guy! I bought a 10lb drum from you about 3 years ago. Just wanted you to know it is still crushing it. I sold my coffee roasting company about a year ago when I moved from Cali to NY, and the gentleman who bought it from me BLEW it up. He is now in almost every grocery store, restaurant and boutique in the city. He is a full time roaster, and he is still using the same drum and cooler you sold me! He has pushed THOUSANDS of lbs through it and it is still as beastly and awesome as the first day I got it in the mail… all be it perfectly seasoned now:) He renamed it Scout coffee, it is located in Redding, CA. He has a website and everything.

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Hi Shane,

I received the cooler today.  I also did a 1lb test roast to make sure everything was working.  Took 15 minutes for onset of second crack and which point I stopped it.  Slightly lighter then I expected but I’m learning how the system performs.  This is so much easier and faster then using my stove top whirly-popcorn pot.