My search for “larger quantity, more control” has ended. The smallish popper batches were getting bothersome. I tried HG/DB, but the gun I had did not move enough air and my roasts were flat. But, the quantity was nice.

Given the investment in a better gun, this would be a great method. But I went for the RK drum.  It arrived today. I quickly cleaned, prepped

and rushed to the gas grill to “burn” some UGH! My old Charbroil 3 RPM motor is pretty clunky, but I couldn’t wait. I did order Ron’s motor, but it is not ready to ship. I roasted 4 test batches of 150 gr. each; Ethiopian Harrar FC , Java Estate Prince FC , Guatemala Huehuetanango FC and SM Donkey V. I wanted the Harrar at FC, but just wasn’t quick enough getting the drum off and  emptied!
Practice! Practice!

I am very happy with the roast control. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to hear the cracks. Not a problem!! Now to let the coffee rest & taste!! My stash has been diminished by the simple capacity of the drum!! The drum is a work of industrial art! It is truly a pleasure to use!