Mike Simanyi wrote:
Just had to post. I received my RK drum and 50rpm motor setup last
week and fired it up for a few small roasts (1 to 1.5 pounds each). I
slightly over-roasted the first batch while trying to dial-in my
thermometer readings and reconcile them to the instructions I found at
Ron’s site, but the next batches went like clockwork.
Three words: Oh. My. Gosh!

The scent of the roast is amazing. Using the I-roast, 2nd crack was
always exceptionally subtle. With the drum it’s like firecrackers.
And darn near the most entertaining part is pouring the smoking mass
of beans into the sifter and holding them over the fan for cooling.
Within about 75 seconds they were almost to ambient temp… and
smelled AMAZING! One of my neighbors came

over to inquire. Turns out
her daughter manages a shop and knew someone was roasting coffee, so
they were curious about the smoke coming from my back yard.

 I did the first roast was on July 1st, and I tapped into that for a
press pot yesterday morning. It was absolutely fabulous, so much
mellower and more complex than the best I could do on the I-roast.
(Not slamming the I-roast here – it’s a wonderful machine – just
trying to compare the results.) And last night I broke out some of
the Moki’s Farm for the July 4th party guests to try. It had degassed
for three days and hooked several of the guests so well that they were
asking for all kinds of details.

Fun stuff!

My thanks to Ron, Tom and Maria for presenting the opportunity.