order complete


Great!!  Your order is in the system….we’re going to get it to you ASAP!  In the meantime, we have plenty to do and plenty to learn.

1.  Have a review of the post-order and shipping information.  Tons of good tips here about coffee bags, green coffee, coffee bag labels, and green coffee suggestions.  Order some stuff if you need it.

2.  Order some coffee if you don’t have any.  Order some 1LB bags to distribute your coffee.  Make some bag labels.  We offer graphic and logo design services if you need some help.  Give us a call.  See this section.

3.  This is a must read section for new drum roasters.  Even if you’ve roasted before, there are some possibly different techniques covered here that are unique to drum roasting.  Everything from roasting methods, to the health department.  Here’s is everything you need to become a world-class roaster.

4.  If you don’t have your grill yet, head over to the nearest hardware store and pickup a grill.  Whether you use one you have, or get a new one, make sure it adheres reasonably close to the grill selection guide.  If you are using a meat grill, be sure to clean the grill out well so that it is free of carbon and soot.  

5.  Start Working on your cooling device if you didn’t purchase one from the site.  

6.  Be sure that you order a rotisserie, motor, gloves that (Welder’s or kevlar/nomex (Ove Glove), decide if you will use electrical switching or not to turn on your roaster motor.  See the guide for details.

7.  Order a quality thermometer, from a company that specializes in thermometers.  Please don’t use the built in thermometer in your grill.  Read here.

8.  Finally, get a leg up on the roast process.  Watch the video roast tutorials here, and read the roast guide here.



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