Latch Replacement Kit / Latch Upgrade Kit for Pre-2008 Drums


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This is the replacement latch for all drums.  This will work for you if you’ve damaged your latch, or lost the T section of the latch.  Simply requires drilling out the old riveted latch and bolting in this new latch with supplied bolts.

This new latch also replaces the old pin and chain lid closing system which is no longer present on new drums (post 2008).  This new latch permits one-handed operation while opening and closing the drum.  Substantially easier loading and unloading.  We are recommending at this time that everyone remove the chain/pin from their existing drum with a screwdriver and keep in a safe place in the event that a reinstallation becomes necessary.  All new drums will ship with this new latch only. (read the Latch Review here)

(Latch Installation Guide Here)


  • Stainless Steel Drum Latch
  • Mounting Hardware, Screws and Stainless Rivets


  • Stainless Steel Latch
  • Mounting Hardware (bolts\screws)



Not Included


  • Everything Else 🙂

Notes to be Aware of:

  • Generally ships in 1 days
  • Requires Standard Hand tools to mount to your drum.  (Screwdriver and/or a Crescent Wrench)
  • It is generally recommended not to leave this latch in the spring-loaded position while it cools as this may cause the latch to loose some of its natural tension.
  • Please attach to the drum, right or left of  the stud for the stud for the pin/chain just off center, where the holes line up.
  • (Latch Installation Guide Here)

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Weight 0.0625 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 1 × 2.5 in

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