Pete F. – my wood fired pellet grill is cranking out great coffee.

This setup on my wood fired pellet grill is cranking out great coffee. Had to work to get temps right but now it is perfect with 2.5 to 3lbs in 4lb drum ( first crack usually around 10 minutes and I dump a little heat to extend/slow down and pull before second). A fantastic balance of fruity and chocolate notes without bitterness.

Good and bad is that people can’t get enough (did another 30lbs in 12 2.5lb batches last night).

So I need to increase drum size and capacity but don’t think I can fit the 24″ in the current setup that I’ve gotten running well. Can you build a 10″ x 18″ for me so I can maximize the space and minimize my fuel cost per lb?

Let me know if a 10″ x 18″ is possible. Great drum. Seriously makes incredible coffee. Thanks!!

Pete F.

Author: Shane Lewis

Shane is the founder of the green coffee exporter Old Spanish Main, Ltda. in Bogotá, Colombia, having practiced under the renowned grader & cupper Lelly Espitia. He is a cultivator of a #14 Colombian Cup of Excellence coffee. Shane currently designs & manufactures coffee, cacao & grain roasters with RK Drums.

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